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Scream Queens: 16 Things to know about Ryan Murphy’s new series

Ryan Murphy’s new series Scream Queens is already getting a ton of buzz and for good reason, too. Here’s what you need to know.

1. It’s got a genre-bending premise

According to Murphy, the show will be a blend of horror and comedy, a risky move that not a lot of companies would be willing to take. No doubt thanks to the success of Glee and American Horror Story, if someone is going to take the risk, Murphy’s the man for the job.

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2. It’s jumping on the new adult bandwagon

Scream Queens will follow the story of a college campus rocked by a series of murders. New adult is a recent genre that follows characters in their late teens and early 20s. It’s become popular in literature, thanks to books like Fifty Shades of Grey, and now we’re seeing the popularity of the age group bleed into television as well.

3. Jamie Lee Curtis will star

The latest big name to join the TV train is Jamie Lee Curtis, who Entertainment Weekly confirms is joining the cast of Murphy‘s new project Scream Queens.

We love that Curtis is heading back to her roots since she was one of film’s original scream queens. She starred in the slasher classic Halloween back in 1978 and has had roles in other terrifying flicks like The FogProm Night and Terror Train.

4. So will Emma Roberts

Also joining Curtis on the show is actress Emma Roberts, who got her big TV restart with Murphy as part of the American Horror Story cast in Season 3 with Coven. Roberts is a perfect addition to the cast since she’s clearly proved herself as an actress who can create a seamless blend of suspenseful terror mixed with just the right amount of cleverly timed comedy. Just look at all the GIFs of her “That b***h” line for proof.
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5. The show will revolve around two female leads

Who wants to take a guess that Roberts will play a central-to-the-story college student while Curtis will most likely be a professor? Murphy said his goal was to create two female leads at the heart of each season of the show. This makes us think it will be like American Horror Story in that each season will feature a different story line.

6. There will also be 10 supporting roles

Murphy’s search for an ideal cast is far from over. The creator said in a statement that aside from the two major leads, there will also be a central supporting cast. Again, given Murphy’s reputation, we have no doubt this group will be filled with some eclectic characters, to say the least. And at least one of them will be a murderer.

7. Joe Manganiello has joined the cast

I’m really hoping Manganiello is the murderer this time rather than the hero. It would be so awesome to see him in a darker role and he could definitely pull it off with those brooding eyes.

8. So has Lea Michele

Glee‘s darling and Ryan Murphy’s lady of choice, Ms. Lea Michele, will also be part of the all-star cast. We’re guessing she and Roberts will play the students.

9. And Nick Jonas

That’s right! Jonas was the re-breakout star of 2014 and now it looks like he’s taking his all-grown-up looks to television. Hmm… a little Jonas, Michele and Roberts love triangle anyone?

10. Fox has ordered 15 episodes

The network behind Glee is supporting Murphy in his Scream Queens endeavor. It’s a smart move since none of the big networks has yet to bank on a show like this.

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11. It’s scheduled to air in fall 2015

No word yet if more episodes will be ordered pending the success of the pilot. Normally, fall seasons run about 22 episodes. But it could be that Murphy has the story line mapped at 15 for a specific reason central to the plot.

12. It won’t just feature the genius of Ryan Murphy

Murphy’s Glee writer and executive producer Ian Brennan is attached to the project as a writer. Brad Falchuk, Murphy’s partner on American Horror Story and Glee, is also working as an executive producer on Scream Queens.

13. Scream Queens finally has a trailer
With Murphy’s entire team set to help with the new series, there’s very little doubt that Scream Queens won’t deliver.

14. Ariana Grande is on board, and playing an interesting character

Check out this interview with Grande, where she chats about what her character, Chanel #2, is all about. Does Chanel #2 have any goals? Nope, she just likes being part of the Chanels.

15. Abigail Breslin joins in as another Chanel

Murphy is testing our patience with all these Chanels. Breslin might just be our favorite, though.

16. There’s another great trailer

Check out Jamie Lee Curtis as she’s pitted against Emma Roberts in this fresh new trailer.
More updates to come, we’re sure! Check back regularly. Scream Queens premieres on Fox on Sept. 22. Can your throat take the shrieking abuse?

Do you think Scream Queens sounds like another Ryan Murphy success?

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