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Lady Gaga responds to Dr. Luke rape claims made by Kesha’s lawyer

Who raped Lady Gaga? She’s not talking, but one lawyer is — and it’s about to cause him a huge legal headache.

Celeb attorney, Mark Geragos, who is representing Kesha in her fight against manager, Dr. Luke, and claims the music mogul repeatedly raped her, dropped a bomb of an accusation on Twitter last week.

Here’s the tweet that started Geragos’ problems:

When a follower asked if the rapist is Dr. Luke, Geragos responded in a tweet that has since been deleted, “#bingo.” When pressed by TMZ, he insisted it’s true.

Problem is, both Dr. Luke and Lady Gaga deny it — and, now, Dr. Luke has filed a lawsuit against Geragos, claiming defamation of character. He denied even knowing Lady Gaga at the time, let alone ever being alone with her.

Last week, Lady Gaga told Howard Stern she was raped by a much older man when she was a teen just starting out in the business. Her rep categorically denied Dr. Luke was her attacker, telling TMZ, “The Dr. Luke lawsuit is utterly incomprehensible. This simply isn’t true and how dare someone take advantage of such a sensitive matter.”

But Geragos is standing firm, saying that the allegations against Bill Cosby have “now made others more courageous about coming out” and that three other women claim Dr. Luke raped them, too.

Kesha’s suit against Dr. Luke continues.

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