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Farrah Abraham’s Teen Mom rumors: Is she or isn’t she coming back?

Farrah Abraham reportedly wants in on Teen Mom 2, but if she can’t even change for the sake of her daughter, who’s to say a TV show will make the difference?

According to OK! magazine, Abraham is in talks with producers, but they have some stipulations if she’s going to return to the show: She has to reform her image and stop all the sex stuff. (She has, apparently, been working as a stripper recently and making some big money.) 

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I guess money is a big motivator, but we can’t help but think that if Abraham hasn’t changed herself thus far for the sake of her daughter, Sophia, than all her talk is cheap.

Though the show’s fifth season has already been filming for months, there’s speculation that it still might not be too late for Abraham to jump into the story line. Either that or she could join the cast for the sixth season, though MTV has yet to confirm a renewal.

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During the Ask the Moms special, Teen Mom cast member, Maci Bookout, said Abraham wouldn’t be on the show because her recent choices didn’t fit with what the show stands for. Bookout was also sure to say the decision rested with MTV, not the moms.

We’re guessing it wouldn’t take much to convince MTV for the right story, and people are definitely curious about Abraham. Even if she didn’t cut the sexy stuff, the reality of her struggle would no doubt make for a great story. To watch her try to pull herself together might be a journey viewers would tune in to see. Not to mention, Abraham and her mother’s relationship has always provided an interesting and different dynamic on the show.

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Though Abraham has yet to address the rumors directly, she did post a cryptic tweet that could be directed at the discussion of her possible appearance on Teen Mom 2.

Would you tune in to Teen Mom 2 if you knew Abraham was joining the cast?

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