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Don’t forget to cheer for the Canadian Grammy nominees, eh?

Sometimes we can forget that Canadian artists partake in all major award shows and need our love too. So don’t forget to make your Arcade Fire and Drake posters for this year’s Grammys!

All eyes may be fixed on Beyoncé right now, who has become the most-nominated woman in Grammy history, but let’s not forget that Canadians are making quite a splash at the music award show as well.

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It’s easy to get swept up in the hype of the awards season and forget to cheer on our own locally grown talent, but we’re not going to let that happen. Yes, it is true that Beyoncé, Sam Smith and Pharrell Williams are nominated for six Grammy awards each, but our fellow Canucks are not doing any worse.

Canadian rapper Drake, for example, is nominated for three Grammys, and he didn’t even release an album this year. He’s basically nominated just for being Drake. That, and his catchy song “0 to 100/The Catch Up.” Indie sweetheart Arcade Fire is nominated for two awards, including best alternative music album for Reflektor. Deadmau5 scooped up a nomination yet again; this is his sixth nomination to date, but he has yet to pick up a Grammy. Of course, Neil Young’s A Letter Home collection also received a nomination for best boxed or special edition package.

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So just in case you were feeling like the Grammys do not celebrate Canadian talent enough, we do have some wonderful artists in the running for major awards. Instead of focusing on the big glamour names — although you can still do that — give a hearty cheer for the Canucks representing us in the world of music.

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