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The Last Five Years: 10 Things to know about Jeremy Jordan (VIDEO)

The interwebs is all a-buzz over The Last Five Years trailer, and it isn’t just the leading lady that has people pumped to see the musical. Curious about that melodic hunk alongside Anna Kendrick? Here are a few things to know about Jeremy Jordan.

1. He’s been a choirboy all his life

Jeremy Jordan

Growing up, Jordan always sang in the choir at school. When that led to a concert at the community theater where his grandmother led a youth program, the budding entertainer decided to pursue more theater work. After starring in the musical The Fantasticks at 17, he caught the Broadway bug.

2. You’ve watched him on TV

Jeremy Jordan

Sure, you may not have realized it at the time. But thank to credits in super-successful TV shows like Law & Order: SVU (which he’ll cameo in again next year), Elementary and Smash, chances are you’ve seen — and maybe even admired — Jordan’s acting skills from the comfort of your own couch.

3. He’s off the market

Jeremy Jordan

Booooo, we know. This handsome guy married fellow Broadway performer Ashley Spencer in September of 2012. Spencer, who you may know as Sandy from the Broadway revival of Grease, has said her first impression of her now-hubby was, “Wow, he can really sing,” which she confesses is a “huge turn-on!”

4. He shared a dressing room with Bryan Cranston

Jeremy Jordan

OK, well, not quite. When Jordan starred as playwright J.M. Barrie in the Broadway production of Finding Neverland, his dressing room was rumored to have been Cranston’s during All the Way. “The fact that it was Bryan Cranston is pretty awesome,” Jordan said of the Breaking Bad star’s history with the dressing room.

5. He is officially a Tony-nominated entertainer

Jeremy Jordan

In the fall of 2011, Jordan realized a dream when he landed the role of Jack Kelly in Disney’s theater production of the nostalgic classic Newsies. When the show hit Broadway, it opened to packed houses and rave reviews for Jordan. The role earned him a Tony nomination as Best Actor in a Musical.

6. He’s not a fan of shirtless scenes

Jeremy Jordan

Despite what we perceive to be universal hotness, Jordan is charmingly deluded about his good looks and killer physique. The actor, who is often self-deprecating in interviews, told InDepth InterViews’ Pat Cerasaro on the possibility of playing Aladdin, “Honestly, I don’t think I would want to subject myself to a role where I would have to have my shirt half off the whole time.” Woe is us.

7. He’d never met Anna Kendrick before The Last Five Years

Jeremy Jordan

Kendrick and Jordan obviously have incredibly chemistry in the trailer for The Last Five Years — so much so you might imagine the two have known each other for years or collaborated on another project. Alas, ’tis not so. Joking about trying to meet prior to the start of their scenes, Jordan said, “Hopefully, we will get a drink before we start rehearsals and everything and, I don’t know, get to know each other’s favorite colors or something.”

8. He’s not afraid to use his voice offstage, too

Jeremy Jordan

When Jordan worked with notoriously eccentric late director Arthur Laurents on West Side Story, the two definitely had their ups and downs — the latter of which included Laurents telling the actor his last performance was his worst. Jordan stood up for himself, to which Laurents quipped, “Oh, please. You’re just trying to assert your masculinity.” Jordan’s response? “No, you’re just being an asshole.”

9. Yes, that was him in Joyful Noise

Jeremy Jordan

Sure, 2012’s Joyful Noise wasn’t exactly met with rave reviews by critics. But any movie that manages to pack in Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah is a win in our book. Jordan was cast when Todd Graff, the film’s writer and director, caught his first lead performance in Rock of Ages on Broadway.

10. He’s adorably modest

Jeremy Jordan

While working on Bonnie & Clyde, one scene called for Jordan to sit naked in an empty tub. “In the scene, Laura [Osnes] is kind of sitting in the tub with me, like, looking down on me, so the last thing I wanted was to have that moment be incredibly uncomfortable for both of us by having me sitting there right below her totally naked in an empty tub,” he said, laughing, “so we had to develop this little cloth cover that I could put on. It was pretty hilarious.”

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Watch the entire trailer for The Last Five Years below

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