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LAPD may head to Hugh Hefner’s mansion for evidence in Bill Cosby case

According to new reports, the Los Angeles Police Department plans to visit Hugh Hefner’s famous Playboy mansion to investigate allegations that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl there back in 1974.

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According to TMZ, law enforcement sources have revealed to them that the first step in the investigation is for cops to determine that Cosby and his accuser, Judy Huth, were even at the Playboy mansion.

The investigation was opened on Friday after Huth and her lawyer Gloria Allred went to the LAPD and filed a police report.

Police are hoping that Hefner and his employees can shed some light on what happened that night as they try to gather evidence for the case that is now more than 40 years old. But TMZ sources claim that it’s unclear how much can be documented from an alleged incident that happened over four decades ago.

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And Cosby’s response to the allegations? According to TMZ, Cosby says that Huth is a liar who tried to sell her story to the tabloids 10 years ago. And his lawyer has allegedly said that her claims that she and Cosby played a beer game are absurd, because Cosby is a lifelong non-drinker.

According to the New York Daily News, Huth filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming that Cosby sexually assaulted her inside the 22-room sin palace when she was just 15 years old — and she is not the first woman to come forward.

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After hearing Huth’s story, former Playboy Bunny P.J. Masten has revealed that she too was allegedly assaulted by Cosby. Masten claims that she was drugged and raped by the comedian, along with a dozen other Playboy models.

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