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The Newsroom review: [SPOILER] dies, Jim and Maggie kiss

Apologies in advance for all the dampness on your screens as you read this; that is the result of the many tears I am currently crying over Charlie Skinner’s death. I’m so grief-stricken, I can’t bear to look at a bow tie ever again.

The only thing getting me through right now is the hope that Charlie Skinner is in ACN heaven drinking alcohol and talking about Lady Gaga.

Damn you, Sorkin. Couldn’t you have killed off someone I love less? Like Jerry Dantana maybe? As you may recall, when HBO first released the synopsis for The Newsroom‘s final episodes, my Spidey senses picked up on the indication Charlie would be the one to kick the proverbial bucket, and I, in retaliation, kicked everything in sight. Right now, I’m too overcome with emotion to lash out, and I’m alternating between typing sentences and staring out into space, no doubt looking forlorn and very much feeling hollow.

From the moment Charlie started spouting ratings information, the writing seemed to be on the wall. He looked incredibly tired, sad and stressed, and it was evident that his heart wasn’t really in it, but rather, he was toeing the party line in an attempt to keep his people employed by having them acquiesce to Pruitt’s wishes. That his last act was fighting for the employees he loved so much — pretty much says everything you need to know about Charlie Skinner and how deep his loss will be felt.

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Last night’s episode did also serve up some less painful, more winsome moments, and even though it feels disrespectful to Charlie’s memory to talk about positive things happening in the world of ACN right now, I will do so, but only because I know it’s what he would have wanted.

Jim and Maggie mildly kiss on a plane

Beyonce Maggie and Jay Z Jim spent most of the episode stranded in a Russian airport while attempting to get to Cuba. To be honest with you, after all the drama of last season, I’d fallen off the ‘shipper wagon for these two and I’m not really sure how invested I am in them finally getting together. The most accurate way to describe how I feel about these two is that I have one leg on the Jim and Maggie wagon and the rest of me is just getting dragged along: It’s painful until you get to the final destination and then there are some mild feelings of relief when the wagon stops, which in this case, came in the form of Maggie kissing Jim while he looked ridiculous, but also extremely comfortable, in Sochi 2014 pajamas.

The most surprising development in Jim and Maggie’s story line this episode, though? I am going to need Sorkin to reconsider his sabbatical from writing for television so that he can write that Russian airport attendant a spin-off. She’s the most entertaining thing I’ve seen come out of Russia in quite some time.

Sloan Sabbith slays another day

Right now, I hear you saying, “Yeah, and what else is new?” I’m not sure what my favorite part of Sloan’s story line was last night. I can’t choose between her ripping temporary Neal a new one on News Night and then immediately doing the cheeriest sign-off possible, her referring to temporary Neal’s app as “Human Flesh Hunter” or her referring to temporary Neal’s demographic as a “wild pack of prideless punks.” (Um, yeah, in case you hadn’t gathered already, temporary Neal was one of the bigger losers on last night’s episode — why couldn’t he have died instead?)

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As per usual, Sloan had multiple episode highlights, so it’s not hard to see why most logical people are card-carrying members of the Church of Sloan. In fact, the day of worship in this particular religion is known as “the Sabbith.”

Will hallucinates, sort of

Before we even saw anything on the screen this episode, it was evident the opening scene was taking place in a prison. I’ve watched Orange Is the New Black, you guys, and I know that buzzer sound means we’re in the big house. Will’s been in prison for 52 days (but his hair curiously doesn’t appear to have grown in that time — perhaps he’s been visiting his prison’s version of Sophia Burset?) and that’s enough time for him to have multiple conversations with his father, who appears to Will in the form of a cellmate and who also appears to not have a great triceps dip technique.

The best thing about these conversations? I realized I love Jailbird Will™. The way he was obviously so proud of Mac’s smarts and his take on men who abuse women really made me love Will instead of the usual merely liking Will that I have going on. Sure, that prison uniform washed him out, and it was way too close to his hair color, but I was able to put all that aside because I really liked what Will had to say about stuff.

How are you faring after last night’s episode? Are you also in mourning, both for Charlie and for the end of the show altogether?

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