EXCLUSIVE: The Fosters' clashing holiday ideas bring drama (VIDEO)

Dec 8, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. ET

SheKnows has landed an exclusive clip from tonight's The Fosters holiday special, and it looks pretty telling to us! Is drama ahead? Well, duh. It's the Fosters.

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In our clip, everything at the Fosters' home seems pretty low-key and non-confrontational. The kids, Stef, Lena and Stef's mom have the Christmas tree up and lighted and are working on putting up the ornaments. The house looks downright gorgeous, and everyone seems pretty happy. Stef's mom (Annie Potts), however, has one small concern: No presents under the tree. However, she seems to be the only one who takes issue with that situation.

When Lena surveys the tree, she decides something is missing, and Stef's mom, Sharon, is quick to point it out. "Presents?"

It looks like this year, instead of each kid trying to buy presents for all their siblings, Lena and Stef orchestrated a secret Santa amongst the family. That, however, leaves a lot of bare space under the tree and Sharon finds the lack of gifts a little sad. Turns out, she's not a fan of the secret Santa gimmick. (Who is?!)

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It's one thing to state your grief, but it's another thing to blatantly break the rules. And, of course, it sounds like that's exactly what Sharon did. Despite a spiel about how The Foster moms want their Christmas to be more spiritual than material, Sharon still went all-out on Christmas. Just because you put Santa's name on the package doesn't mean you're off the hook, though, grandma! Will Sharon's overspending land her in hot water with the moms? Could it potentially make Lena and Stef feel bad that they couldn't do more for the kids themselves?

Perhaps more important: We can't help but wonder if Lena's mom will drop by! We always love a good Any Day Now reunion when both Potts and Lorraine Toussaint (who plays Lena's mom) stop by at the same time. And how will she feel when Sharon goes overboard if she didn't do the same?

And about that promo that's been floating around for a couple of weeks: Is Callie's gift for Brandon one from the secret Santa exchange... or something she bought anyway?

We can't wait to find out the answers and see how it all goes down on The Fosters Christmas episode airing on Dec. 8 at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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