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14 Things we know about Pretty Little Liars‘ Christmas episode

The Pretty Little Liars Christmas episode is just one day away, but we’ve got the scoop on what to expect before the episode airs.

1. There’s going to be a lot of relationship fun

Keegan Allen shared, “I can definitely tell you that the fans for all of the relationships, not just Spencer and Toby, will be very happy with it; that Christmas element, that holiday element. It’s going to be really fun.”

We can’t wait to see what gifts the couples give one another for Christmas!

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2. It’s a homage to classic cinema

Rear Window and Jimmy Stewart will be referenced in the episode. “It’s really, really beautifully done in a way that nods and pays homage to it, but at the same time, it’s its own creation,” Allen explained.

3. It will deliver on the scare

I. Marlene King told People that just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean the scare factor will be lessened. “My children who have seen every episode of PLL watched the Christmas episode and said it was by far the most scary,” King teased.

4. It’s downhill for Ezra and Aria… again

We’re going to learn a secret about Ezra in the Christmas episode, according to TV Guide. And, though it’s a good secret, the couple won’t end the night in a happy place. “It’s probably the last time you’ll see them in a really good spot for a while, so hopefully all the fans will cherish [the] episode,” King said.

4. Toby/Allen has too much fun with his camera

He’s stuck in a wheelchair this episode, so he has to have fun somehow. Allen told us that he loves cameras and that he was “fascinated with it between takes and just loving every second of it.”

“Maybe it shines through a little bit how I’m having way too much fun with that camera,” Allen continued.

5. Mona will be back as the ghost of Christmas past, present and future

She will be haunting Alison in the episode, but will Mona succeed in helping the seemingly most devious liar find her goodness or is it too late for Alison?

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6. It will have a story line fans won’t expect

“It tells a story that’s so different from anything that anybody would expect,” Allen dished, “but it also explains a lot in the process, and it’s a story being pulled that everybody can understand at any point in the story line. People that have never watched the show before can step into the realm of Rosewood and understand that universe for the first time or fans of the show that have been watching since Season 1, Episode 1 will get an amazing experience as well.”

7. It’s Christmas in summer

The show had to fake Christmas for the episode since it was shot in the middle of June in Los Angeles.

8. We already know all four members of Ali’s new posse

Also, according to King, we’ve already met Ali’s new friends that we see teased in the photos and trailer for the episode. Their identities will be revealed in the episode, though they aren’t new characters. Any guesses? We’re thinking one of them is Sydney. Perhaps she’s teaming up with Alison to get some information for Jenna.

9. There will be a ball, of course

It’s a Winter Wonderland that quickly goes from wondrous to dangerous as A is sure to cause a stir. As if Ali’s grand entrance with her new posse wasn’t enough to throw off the evening.

10. And a Christmas sleepover

The girls may look cozy in some images, but that doesn’t mean their sleepover includes a visit from Santa. We’re guessing it’s less like a fat, happy man in red and more like a crazed murderer in a black hoodie.

11. Spencer faces some danger, but hopefully doesn’t go crazy

The photos show Spencer holding a glass shard and looking like she’s ready to use it. Is it A or Mona’s killer she’s avoiding? One in the same? Hopefully, we’ll find out. Just as long as Spencer doesn’t go off the deep end again. We don’t want that Spencer, especially not for Christmas.

12. A is replacing the red coat with a white coat

At the end of the sneak peek video (check it out here), a hooded figure can be seen at the Wonderland Ball, only s/he isn’t wearing the typical black hoodie or red coat we’re used to seeing the shady, faceless characters in. Instead, in this episode, it’s all about the white fur style. We’re guessing it won’t stay white for long, knowing all the dirt A’s involved in. We just hope it isn’t red by the end of the night.

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13. Don’t expect any grown-ups

It looks like the liars are partying with their boyfriends and without their parents. Their Christmas feast is in thanks to a very dashing-looking Ezra sans any grown-ups in sight.

14. There will be a hopeful ending

Though King warned this is a cliff-hanger episode, she also told TV Guide that it ends on a surprisingly positive note. “It’s very reflective of the Christmas season.”

“It’s a jolt and a jump start, and by the end of the winter premiere you’ll know exactly the direction the show is heading,” she added.

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