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Nicki Minaj spoofs Kim Kardashian on SNL? Is that OK?

Saturday Night Live‘s Dec. 6 musical guest was Nicki Minaj, but the controversial rapper didn’t stop there. She went right ahead and spoofed Kim Kardashian, pretending to be her on Weekend Update. Are we OK with that?

It’s tough to defend Kardashian when she continually makes herself the butt of other people’s jokes, primarily for baring her butt. By now, we’re all familiar with Kardashian’s “Break the Internet” pictures from Paper magazine. In the pics, Kardashian showcases her oiled, freakishly large tuchus. Hilarious memes and parodies ensued. Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi even got in on the joke by posing in nude KK fashion for their Christmas card.

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It makes sense that the writers at SNL couldn’t resist the urge to take a turn at Kardashian. In the Weekend Update skit, Minaj as “Kim” explains that her photos were taken out of context. The bit goes on to superimpose the backgrounds that were missing in the now-famous “Break the Internet” images. The skit itself is clever, but we’re wondering: was Minaj the right person to deliver the joke?

Minaj herself has endured a healthy dose of criticism this year for her mindless remake of “Anaconda,” which makes Kardashian’s Paper photos look like a preschool prank.

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Minaj really pressed buttons when she used Nazi imagery in the audio music video “Only” — the lyrics of which make the video too gratuitous and graphic to show here. She followed that up with nearly-nude pics for the actual “Only” video, to be released Dec. 15.

Whether you like or dislike Minaj’s antics and whether or not you’re a fan aren’t really the questions. The question is, is she the right person to be mocking Kardashian, since she engages in many of the same envelope-pushing stunts that Mrs. West does? Why is the saying “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” ringing in our ears right now? What do you think of Minaj’s spoof?

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