Barack and Michelle Obama's love story is being made into a movie

Dec 5, 2014 at 10:02 p.m. ET
Image: Johnny Louis/

From the White House to the silver screen — President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have inspired a movie.

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The story of the presidential couple's first date is behind Southside With You, a love story directed by Worst Friends director Richard Tanne. According to Deadline, the film will be a drama in the same vein as the 1995 indie romance flick Before Sunrise and will chronicle the summer 1989 afternoon when young Barack took then-Michelle Robinson on a whirlwind date across Chicago's South Side.

Tika Sumpter has signed on to play Michelle, and producers are searching for the perfect Barack.

As Deadline reports, the date that turned into the legendary White House romance we all know and love took some convincing. Barack, then a first-year Harvard Law student, had taken a summer internship at Chicago law firm Sidley Austin. There, his younger boss, Michelle, caught his eye. Southside With You captures the day she finally agreed to go out with him and the pair visited the Art Institute, took a long walk and saw Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing. They were married three years later.

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"I took her to this new movie that everybody was talking about, directed by a guy that not that many people had heard of, but it was supposed to be pretty good," Obama remembered during the pair's 25th anniversary celebration last summer at the Baskin Robbins where they shared their first kiss, now commemorated with a city plaque.

Tanne penned the screenplay and plans to start filming on location in Chicago next summer.

"(Producer) Stephanie Allain and I are excited to produce this smart and timeless film that sheds light on one of the great love stories of our time," said co-producer Tracey Bing. “Richard really captures the essence of that romantic connection between Barack and Michelle that is so evident in the way that they look at each other. We are looking forward to finding the perfect Barack.”

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