The Originals' Danielle Campbell wants Davina to cut the crazy

Dec 8, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. ET
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Expect to see the whole gang back together on The Originals in the very near future.

Danielle Campbell spilled the details on Davina's revenge plan moving forward now that she needs Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to save her friends.

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"Davina has been a bit separate. I think she's been trying to be," Campbell explained. Though, all of that is about to change.

"I think, not only has she been trying to protect her friends, but she still knows the monster that Klaus is," Campbell said of Davina's motivations. "He still kills people without a second thought, and he killed her best friend from her childhood. And I think a lot of people are forgetting Davina really has sympathy for that, and she's really in touch with her human side."

Though she has been set on getting rid of Klaus and protecting her friends, the fact that Baby Hope is about to come back into the fold, as well as Rebekah, is sure to change things.

Though Campbell couldn't give specifics, she did tease, "I think that is definitely going to add a different spin to it. I think she isn't someone who has any idea about what's going on with Baby Hope. And I think a lot of people are actually kept in the dark about it, which is what they wanted. But in the next couple episodes, I think it might be harder and harder to keep that secret and so, I think if Davina were to find out, it would definitely change the dynamic of it."

Of course, the dynamic of the show is also changing as new couples form this season.

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"You really see a lot of different couples forming, like you're seeing Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson really starting to bond together and you're seeing lots of complications with her and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) through that. And so, you're seeing lots of these different kind of fairy-tale aspects going around with it, but then you have the dark and the drama and the action and that's still keeping it really intriguing and exciting."

Campbell said she was personally conflicted between Team Jackson and Team Elijah. "Jackson is so easy. I mean, there's nothing you can't like about Jackson. He's like the perfect guy from a lot of aspects." She continued, "But then Elijah, I mean, you see how Hayley and him look at each other."

She added, "I think it's kinda hard to pick one side!"

When it comes to Davina and Kaleb, on the other hand, all signs point to yes!

Campbell joked about how she's always falling asleep with Kaleb, but she also said it's a big indication that she's learning to trust him, despite the wild card aspect of his character. "She wouldn't just pass out for no reason. She's comfortable."

"There's been a lot of tests for him. Not necessarily that she's put there," she said. So far, Kaleb's passed with flying colors.

Now that you've got Aiden and Josh's relationship forming on the show, as well, Campbell said it's going to be a good opportunity for some great Davina and Josh moments this season.

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"You're going to see in the next couple of episodes, you really get to see Josh and Davina talk about their relationships. It's a lot of fun and their relationship is really great."

Despite the fact that Davina seems to be falling in love in Season 2, Campbell maintains that one of the best parts of the show is all the strong female characters, including Davina.

"Especially this season, I think her strength and, I mean, even with Phoebe and Leah, you really see how strong these female characters are. And I think it's been really important. It's been a nice spin on things. Usually, you see the damsel in distress, but right now you're seeing all these women who are really strong and have an impact on what's happening."

If Campbell could see Davina end the season somewhere, she'd like for her character to, "keep building her strength. But I think I'd like to see her end some of her grudges that she has against certain people and just, kind of, be more at peace with that. Probably not going to happen, but if that's what it was, that's probably what it would be."