Conan O’Brien’s sexual chat with Jennifer Aniston will make you LOL (VIDEO)

As if Jennifer Aniston could possibly be America’s sweetheart any more than she already is, she starts talking sex toys and deleted sex scenes on Conan O’Brien and slays us with her awesomeness.

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We love sexual Jennifer Aniston! She should be in movies like Horrible Bosses 2 more often because they definitely bring out her hilarious side. Not only has Aniston been busy pranking reporters during press junkets, she’s also charming the pants off audiences during interviews while talking about sex toys.

Aniston revealed that the circular gold necklace she wears throughout the film is, in fact, not a monocle like O’Brien hopes — it’s actually a sex toy. Her casual revelation leaves O’Brien unusually speechless. Not that we blame the guy. The way Aniston so casually talks about her bling, all while flicking her hair back with a charming smile, is enough to leave anyone balking at her greatness.

The actress then seamlessly moves on to another, equally as raunchy discussion about the deleted sex scene in Horrible Bosses 2.

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O’Brien was shocked that a Jennifer Aniston sex scene would ever be cut from any movie, but Aniston explained that it was necessary because her character in the film “exploits” Charlie Day’s character while he’s in a coma.

“It was kind of… not even mutual,” Aniston explained before losing her words with a lot of uh’s and um’s and laughing.

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So while Aniston’s description of the scene sounds hilarious, we get why it was cut. But Aniston said she wouldn’t be surprised if it was on the DVD extras.

To be perfectly honest, we were feeling kind of meh about seeing Horrible Bosses 2 since sequels make us nervous. But, thanks to Aniston and her potty mouth, we’re officially all in. Lucky for us, the movie is in theaters now.

Are you planning on seeing Horrible Bosses 2?


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