12 Things we learned about 5SOS watching the "What I Like About You" video

Dec 5, 2014 at 6:36 p.m. ET
Image: LJPhotoCorp/WENN.com

Today, 5 Seconds of Summer released the video for their performance of "What I Like About You" live at The Forum in Los Angeles.

5SOS fans are already going crazy for the vid on Twitter, and we have to agree that the footage is pretty entertaining.

While the "What I Like About You" video may not be as revealing as a certain Snapchat from Calum Hood in July, we still learned a lot about the band.

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1. They do yoga before their shows

Not a bad idea to limber up before you rock out, eh?

2. And then they carb load

Because what good would the yoga be if they're not properly fueled?

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3. They are comfortable with their masculinity

No reason to be afraid of a little man-boob grab between friends.

4. Their air instrument game is strong

And apparently they love Corona.

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5. Michael Clifford totally reminds us of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day

Pretty sure they're related somehow.

6. They have some interesting fans

Sweet banana suit!

7. None of whom are male

Guess that's the point of being in a boy band.

8. They like to toss around the pigskin

Sporty and arty? Can you say "Renaissance men"?

9. They get to ride bikes inside

Because they're famous.

10. They travel with a lot of drumsticks

When you rock out that hard, you gotta have backups.

11. Music isn't the only art form they celebrate

Who doesn't enjoy puppetry, though? It's delightful.

12. Clifford has a decent rack

We have reasonable suspicion that he might stuff, though.

Images: 5SOSVEVO/Youtube