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Kurt Sutter wants heads to roll after Sons of Anarchy spoiler leak

The cat’s out of the bag on the mayhem of the big Sons of Anarchy series finale next week, and executive producer Kurt Sutter is fuming over the mishap.

His “apology” is a lot less like an apology and a lot more like a declaration of war that would fit nicely within the context of the show.

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Sutter released this “apology” Friday morning after some copies of the Sons of Anarchy Collector’s Edition Book were sent out a week early. Sounds great for those fans who had preordered. Except it’s not so great, because the book contains details about what happens in the series finale, which doesn’t even air until next week.

WARNING: We aren’t kidding when we say Sutter is declaring war. And he uses some really colorful language to express his anger.

“It has been brought to my attention that our SOA Collector’s Edition Book has been sent out a week early by some distributors and book outlets,” Sutter said in the statement. “This book contains details about the final episode of the series. This, my friends is a storyteller’s worst nightmare. I wanted this book to be a compliment [sic] to the show. It contains personal messages and photos from the cast, in-depth behind the scenes information and detailed breakdown of episodes. It’s a smart, well-conceived book that I was very excited for fans to have. AFTER the motherf***ing finale. There are a thousand f***ing people I can blame. And I assure you, by the time I am done, my f***ing basket will be filled with heads of incompetent c***s.”

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And Sutter doesn’t stop there: “But as far as the fans go, the burden is on me. I f***ed up. It was my idea for the book, so ultimately, I am to blame. So if you received a book, I apologize. I ask that you not share your wrath or pain or opinion in social media so as to not spoil the experience of others. There is no excuse for utter ineptitude. It pains me that this will be the parting memory of some fans. I hope you all tune in for the finale. It plays much better than it reads.”

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We’re joining the force of fans supporting Sutter by not spoiling the series finale for ourselves, and we encourage everyone to respect the hard work of everyone involved in the show by doing the same.

The Sons of Anarchy finale airs Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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