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Walking Dead: 7 Most extreme reactions to what happened to Beth

When The Walking Dead took away a beloved character, a few fans did some pretty unusual things.

If you’re still wounded over the death of Beth on the midseason finale of TWD, you’re not alone. As soon as the episode was over, fans took to social media to express their sadness and outrage over the loss. A few fans expressed their feelings in some unique ways as well.

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1. Petition: Bring Beth back!

Amanda T. of Portland, Maine, went to to voice her disappointment with AMC. In fact, she was so upset over Beth’s death that she decided to write a petition to get the character back on the show. The letter is written to The Walking Dead, AMC Entertainment and showrunner Scott Gimple. Her petition is a heartfelt plea to bring back Beth for a number of reasons, including the fact that “her death was far too soon” and “her story wasn’t over.” Amanda also called Beth’s death “disgusting” and “unsatisfying.” While it’s doubtful the petition will actually bring Beth back to the show, we do have to give Amanda first place for the most extreme reaction to the episode.

2. A tribute in hair

Another man took to Twitter and posted what appears to be a photo of his head shaved into an image of Daryl carrying Beth’s poor lifeless body at the end of the episode. We can’t swear that this image is real and not photoshopped, but if it is real then we definitely have our second-place winner for the most extreme reaction to Beth’s death.

3. Look at the flowers, AMC

One fan posted a meme on Twitter that asked AMC to “look at the flowers.” Considering that the phrase basically means you are to turn around and get a bullet to the head, we’re going to count it as another extreme reaction.
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4. Beth lives on in Daryl

While this fan’s reaction isn’t exactly extreme, it is beautiful. They posted a meme on Twitter depicting a saddened Daryl, his head literally filled with images of the good times he and Beth shared. Whether you were a fan who wanted them to become a couple or just liked seeing their bond as brotherly/sisterly, this image is bound to make you tear up.

5. Beth’s death got me like

Another fan posted a meme that easily depicts how every fan felt at the end of the episode — drowning in a pool of our own tears. The image itself isn’t extreme, but the sentiment behind it is, a bit. After all, we are only talking about a fictional character here, but that doesn’t matter. When she died we all cried like we had lost a friend.

6. Goodbye, Beth and Emily

This fan’s meme isn’t just a reaction to losing Beth as a character, it’s also about losing the actress who played her. Some of the images in it show Emily Kinney (Beth) and her on-screen sister Lauren Cohan (Maggie) hugging and having a good time on set. It’s a reminder that the loss will be felt behind the scenes as well.

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7. Beth and Hershel

This meme is probably one of the most emotional ones out there. It’s just an image taken from an earlier season, showing Hershel hugging Beth in happier times. But as you look closer, you see they are depicted in heaven and it reminds you that they are reunited again. It will make you smile even as you cry.

What did you think of Beth’s death on The Walking Dead? Have you seen any extreme fan reactions to the episode?

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