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Kristin Cavallari felt used by MTV, still not over Laguna Beach

Still feeling the negative effects of her reality TV stint on MTV’s Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavallari is back for more rants about her experience with the show.

As Cavallari has said before, she really didn’t enjoy being on the popular show back in 2004, and she was on Oprah Winfrey’s show to talk about it. Again.

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Laguna Beach was… it was tough,” Cavallari told Winfrey. “I felt very used and manipulated.”

The reality starlet, who appeared on the show that focused on her and fellow Orange County High School peers as they navigated their senior year and beyond, is now married with two children. While she has clearly moved on and is now a happy wife and mother, Cavallari says she still carries the bad memories created by the show.

“Basically my boyfriend at the time, the producers would have him go and take out Lauren Conrad, take her to dinner, bring her flowers,” Cavallari explained about how the show dealt with her and then-boyfriend Stephen Colletti. “Which never would’ve have happened if it wasn’t for the show, for MTV.”

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Cavallari went on saying that she was made to be the villain on Laguna Beach, especially during the first season. She also explained that her harsh behavior was actually due to how she dealt with feeling used by the network and producers.

“Being 16, 17 in high school, not knowing really how to handle your emotions or even realizing what’s going on… I put up a wall,” Cavallari said. “I put up a really tough exterior because I felt like they were really trying to take advantage of me.”

The businesswoman and designer continued, saying that it was an extremely difficult time, and when she saw how she was portrayed on air, she broke down.

“I was really, really, upset. I cried for hours and hours after I saw the first episode,” Cavallari added. “It was hard, it was really hard.”

Despite her undesirable experience with MTV, Cavallari went on to star on the networks’ next hit The Hills, enjoying the fame and using it to launch her current designing career.

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