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8 Times Aaron Carter posted about his undying love for Hilary Duff

Aaron Carter’s love for Hilary Duff is eternal.

His love, albeit unrequited, is pure, true and, well, relentless. It’s been years since Duff dated Carter and she has moved on. Instead of realizing that the Duff ship has probably sailed, Carter still seems to be pining for the actress and for some reason this year has been very vocal about his feelings on social media.

How doth Aaron Carter love thee, Hilary Duff? Let us count the ways.

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1. He loves her when she’s Lizzie McGuire

Image: Aaron Carter/Instagram

In case your memory doesn’t go back as far as 2001, Carter snuck a very Disney PG smooch in on Duff on her show back in the day.


2. He loves her when others don’t want him to

Sometimes it’s tough being a teenage heartthrob.

3. He loves her when he’s setting his DVR to catch that special kiss

We’re just glad the anticipation didn’t kill him.

4. And when he says it’s not serious

Yeah, Aaron… why did you say that?

5 & 6. He loves her in ways so deep and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks

Image: Twitter

He really shouldn’t call a 13-year-old a stupid douche.

7 & 8. Even when he says he doesn’t

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Besides his undying love, here are a couple other reasons she should take him back:

He’s an amazing dancer.

Image: Giphy

And singer.

Image: Giphy

Holiday family gatherings with brother Nick Carter would be a blast.

Image: Giphy

He’s totally friends with Shaq!

Image: Giphy

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