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Are Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss really making out in these photos?

In her recent interviews Taylor Swift has made it clear that she has no interest in men at the moment, but there are new claims that suggest she might not feel the same about smooching her BFF.

Pictures have emerged of Swift and her BFF Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss sharing what looks to be a kiss after a concert — or was it?

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According to TMZ, the friends attended indie rock band The 1975’s show in New York City on Thursday night, which is where a fan took a picture of the BFFs getting close. She then uploaded it to Twitter with the hashtag #confirmed.
And she apparently has a video that she’d like to sell to TMZ, too.
The snaps appear to show Swift and Kloss with their arms around each other, and they may or may not be kissing. One thing is for sure, though: The pictures have fans in a complete frenzy, with some already dubbing Swift and Kloss as “Kaylor.”

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There are mixed reactions from fans as to whether or not these two are actually kissing, with reactions on Twitter ranging from some fans super-excited about two hot girls kissing to others considering it may be a possibility — and some fans are totally outraged at the suggestion.
However, a rep for Swift has shut down these rumors. When Gossip Cop contacted the “Shake It Off” singer’s rep for comment, they told them that the latest reports were “hilarious.” And that Swift and Kloss are friends and nothing more.

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Tell us what you think: Did Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss smooch? Or is the thought as hilarious as Swift’s rep stated?

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