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Why casting Monica Bellucci as the new Bond Girl is brilliant marketing

Those of us who follow the entertainment industry have been bemoaning the need for an original premise when it comes to Hollywood blockbusters for several years now.

Comic book franchise movies saturate the market. We don’t really lump James Bond movies into that tired franchise category, however. Why? Because the geniuses behind the Bond series are making certain we don’t tire of 007.

As we mull over the selection of 50-year-old model/actress Monica Bellucci as the newest Bond Girl in the latest James Bond installment, Spectre, we recognize it as a brilliant marketing strategy. Bond Girls in the past have included stunning (and not-50) actresses like Halle Berry, Teri Hatcher, Denise Richards and Sophie Marceau. Bellucci certainly fits the Bond Girl exotic-beauty-with-a-killer-body profile, but this Bond Girl brings a lot more to the screen. Bond execs know that Bellucci’s unique appeal is going to equate to asses in theater seats.

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So what makes Bellucci such a genius Bond Girl choice? First, let’s ask: Who is one of the most highly profiled celebrities of our time? Like it or not, the answer to that question is Kim Kardashian. There is definitely a Bellucci/Kardashian resemblance, though Bellucci’s exotic look seems to be a bit more — what’s the word — natural. Take a look:

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Monica Bellucci

Image: Fayes Vision/WENN

Combine Bellucci’s resemblance to one of the most photographed people in the world with the popularity of “MILFs” and “cougars,” and what we have here, Bond fans, is a killer combination. Bond producers and execs have to recognize that female audiences will eventually tire of an aging Bond forever bagging considerably younger women. With the selection of Bellucci, Spectre is sure to pull in young audiences addicted to social media and reality TV as well as women over 40 who want to see someone a bit older seduce and kick ass.

We haven’t even referenced Bellucci’s male following, which lands her on‘s Top 99 list year after year. Bellucci also has a tremendous international following with her work in English-, Persian-, Italian- and French-speaking movies.

That just about covers all the demographic bases, wouldn’t you say? With Bellucci as the new Bond Girl, Spectre is sure to pull in men of all ages, women of all ages and an international audience. Pretty clever, huh?

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