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4 Products George Clooney could sell with just his legs

Well, well, well… Would you look at those fine cutlets over yonder? We’ll take the lot, thank you. As if George Clooney was not gorgeous enough already, it turns out he has fantastic legs as well!

George Clooney made a rather unusual appearance at the Los Angeles Union Station on Thursday, sporting Roman period garments — complete with a snazzy tunic and sandals — as well as a Caesar-esque haircut for the new Coen brothers’ film aptly titled Hail, Caesar!

The movie is about a 1950s Hollywood “fixer” (played by Josh Brolin) who is called upon to keep the actors of a Roman-era period piece out of the tabloid headlines. We’re assuming Clooney portrays one of the actors on the set — or he’s just a Roman costume enthusiast in his spare time. Hail, Caesar! also stars Channing Tatum, Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, Jonah Hill, Scarlett Johansson, Frances McDormand and Christopher Lambert. So basically it stars everybody.

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Obviously we couldn’t help but notice that Clooney has a nice set of legs. And we mean nice. We can’t even pry our eyes away from them. So, since Clooney is not averse to appearing in commercials — he’s a spokesperson for Nespresso — we figured the actor should really capitalize on those magnificent legs of his. We even came up with a couple of ideas for what George could sell using his glorious calves and, to a lesser degree, his beautiful face.

1. Shoes

Clooney looks mighty gorgeous in those sandals, so he will not have any trouble selling us shoes. To be honest, he would do well selling men’s and women’s shoes, because we’d buy any pair of heels those legs try to sell us.

2. Socks

He can sell this too. Just imagine Clooney walking around, flexing those calves and rocking a pair of regular white socks. Done! We’ll have a dozen of those, thanks.

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3. Lotion

Why not? If you want to have beautiful legs like Clooney, then you have to take care of them. Let George show you how… Come on, the lotion bottles will fly off the shelves.

4. Kilts

Kind of obvious, isn’t it? The man looks fantastic in a tunic; he will look great in a kilt as well. No better way to start a revival of the ol’ kilt than by using Clooney to advertise it.

What else do you think Clooney could sell just by showing off his legs? Let’s see how many we can come up with.

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