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Dr. Quinn is a drug lord in this Breaking Bad parody (VIDEO)

If you are of a certain age (which I am, which I will keep to myself), you went through a stage where you wanted to grow up and be Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She was gorgeous, smart, levelheaded, wholesome and had the hottest guy in town (remember that hair? My God, that hair) chasing after her.

Now we’re all grown up, and Funny or Die has ruined our memories of the wholesome childhood heroine and her hunky man-friend. We’re going to forgive them, though, because this parody is hilarious.

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Jane Seymour is back, but not as a medicine woman. She is now “Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman,” so dubbed because she has turned her little western town on its ear by “morphing” the townspeople into morphine junkies.

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The Funny or Die knock-off of Breaking Bad shows the townspeople clamoring at Dr. Quinn’s door for a fix, Seymour in Bryan Cranston-esque glasses while shoving morphine down a splinter patient’s throat and — perhaps best of all — Dr. Quinn’s hot love interest in an incredibly ill-fitting wig. We couldn’t love the cheesy moment where Sully puts Dr. Quinn’s stethoscope to her chest and says, “Listen to your heart,” more if we tried.

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Sure, we’ll never see our beloved childhood Dr. Quinn the same way, but this parody was worth sacrificing all those childhood memories. Enjoy….

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