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Bachelor: 16 Amazing facts about the 30 contestants you must know

The ladies of The Bachelor Season 19 have been announced, and one of them just may win farmer Chris Soules’ heart.

But let’s be honest: We read the ladies’ profiles to find all the hilarious dirt just as much as we do to find out who is potentially the best match on paper for Soules. And, let’s just say, this group of 30 women doesn’t disappoint.

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We’ve rounded up the most amazing tidbits to save you the time.

1. Amanda

Bachelor Season 19 ladies

Amanda, 24, said the best present she’s ever received is a beautiful letter from a guy expressing his feelings. The caveat: “He was a creepy, but a great writer.”

2. Ashley I.

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

This girl really has a thing for makeup. In fact, not only did she describe mascara and foundation as some of the things she couldn’t live without, but she also said that if she won the lottery, she would, “Buy Sephora’s inventory.”

3. Becca

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

Bachelorette Becca said her biggest date fear is, “Having stomach issues and clogging up a toilet, a la Dumb and Dumber.” We feel you, girl! That does sound terrifying. But, too soon. Too soon.

4. Bo

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

Bo is a plus-size model! And we love that the show is mixing it up this year with girls of all different shapes and sizes. Way to send a great message about beauty, Bachelor Nation. We’re instantly a fan of Bo, obviously. (P.S. She totally doesn’t look plus size, even a little.)

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5. Brittany

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

Brittany is a WWE Diva-in-training. Soules had better watch his back with this one and be extra careful with her heart. Otherwise, she might feel the need to show him her signature moves.

6. Carly

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

This cruise ship singer actually had to look out for pirates on her last ship. That might sound kind of cool, except she’s quick to qualify that these pirates were not Captain Hook. Plus, she had the night shift from midnight to 4 a.m. We’ll stick to Disney movies, thank you very much.

7. Jillian

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

She, hands down, seems like the funniest of the bunch. Not only did she joke about Mike Tyson getting dangerously close to her ear when she met him, but she also said she would be Iron Man if she could be any superhero and counts The Bachelor process as her most embarrassing moment to date. “… getting asked about my life in front of tons of people. Eek!”

8. Jordan

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

This bachelorette isn’t wasting any time. If she wanted to impress a guy, she would, “give him a sexy dance because it would turn him on and hopefully lead to more.” Well, OK then.

9. Kara

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

Kara seems super ready for marriage. She said if she could be someone else for one day, she would want to be her future husband, so, “I’d know who he is, what he’s like, and what goes on in his head.” Skip the dating and get straight to the point, apparently.

10. Mackenzie

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

At only 21 years old, this dental assistant is the youngest contestant on the show this year. They say love knows no age. Chris Soules is 33.

11. Megan

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

We love this girl’s confidence and poise. She said if she wanted to impress a man, she’d be herself and, “not put up a front.” She continued, “Men are impressed with a down-to-earth girl who can make them feel comfortable. And then they can be themselves, too.”

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12. Nicole

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

Aside from being the only redhead this season, Nicole is also from our beloved home base of Scottsdale, Arizona. We’re, naturally, a little biased.

13. Reegan

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

Reegan, by far, has the most unusual career this season as a cadaver tissue saleswoman. We’re not even sure what to make of it, but we can’t wait to hear more. She had us sold until she said the way to impress a man is to, “keep my mouth shut.” The smiley face at the end of that sentence didn’t make it any less degrading. What she meant was she’d be, “supportive and listening.” But the first rule of The Bachelor is watch what you say. We hope it’s a lesson learned, Reegan.

14. Tandra

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

And we thought our first date stories were awkward. Tandra said a guy once took her to a wedding reception as a first date. Too much, too soon, for sure! That’s when you get what my mother calls a “runaway girlfriend.”

15. Tracy

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

Let’s just say Tracy isn’t into the dominant Christian Grey types. She describes her worst date memory as a time when she, “threw my hair up real quick because it was hot or something and he said, ‘Keep your hair down.’ It was weird.”

16. Whitney

The Bachelor Season 19 ladies

Surprisingly, Whitney says she likes to be the pursuer in the relationship. “To me, that means he is a little on the shy side and enjoys an outgoing girl like myself.” We can dig it.

Which The Bachelor Season 19 contestant do you think has the most interesting tidbit?

Images: ABC/Craig Sjodin

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