Peter Pan Live: 7 Things people hated and 9 things they loved

Live TV is always a gamble, especially when there’s singing involved, but NBC’s Peter Pan Live! seemed to really polarize people. People either loved it or felt the need to trash it on social media. Here are some of the things the Twittersphere had to say.

7 Things people hated about Peter Pan Live!

Peter Pan Live

People thought Allison Williams playing a boy was just awkward

Allison Williams’ British accent didn’t quite work out

The sword fights failed to impress

Flying on cables not working on high def TV

Peter Pan Live

No love for Wendy sewing the boys’ pockets in their clothes

Tinkerbell kind of tanked

Peter Pan Live

Peter Pan’s “crowing” lacked a certain something

9 Things people loved

Peter Pan Lie

Peter Pan Live! rocked the Croc

Live musicals on TV seem to be extremely popular

The Lost Boys were adorbs

Peter Pan Live

Comparisons to Game of Thrones

The Twittersphere freaked out over the wild sets

Nana the dog was awesome

Anna Kendrick tweeted during the West Coast feed, and everyone loved it

Christopher Walken worked his insane magic

Peter Pan Live

John Darling looked like Harry Potter

Peter Pan Live

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