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11 Near-nude images of Miley Cyrus

If there’s a queen of the “Free the Nipple” movement, it’s gotta be Miley Cyrus.

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Since she shed her squeaky-clean disney image two years ago, the “Wrecking Ball” singer has been shedding clothing as well, stepping out in progressively racier getups, seemingly every time she leaves home.

Miley seems (as her countrified past self would say) determined as heck to let us all know how comfortable she is in her own skin, and hey, if the girl can feel like partying all night in tights and pasties, more power to her.

It’s been a long progression that got her to the tights-and-pasties point, though. Check out these 11 images of nearly-nude Miley we were able to round up. And if you want more, look no further than her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The girl loves her a naked(ish) selfie.

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1. The “Wrecking Ball” video (obviously)

2. The sunburned selfie

 3. The Tommy Hilfiger party selfie

4. The remix

5. The “Tights are like pants, right?” selfie

6. The pantsless, tooth-brushing selfie

7. The close-up

8. The “I woke up like this” selfie

9. The RiRi-inspired look

10. The turtle undies selfie

 11. The Photoshopped aliens selfie

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