5 Reasons why Jill and Jessa Duggar hate each other

Dec 4, 2014 at 7:19 p.m. ET

Scandal — Jill Duggar has unfollowed her sister, Jessa, on Twitter! What could be causing this technological family feud? We have a few ideas.

1. They haven't forgotten childhood grudges

In the book, Growing Up Duggar: It's All About Relationships, it was revealed that the sisters were at each other's throats constantly as kids. When mom, Michelle, tried to force Jessa and Jana into working out their differences by making them share a room with bunk beds, Jessa tortured her sister by kicking the bed all night long. Has some of that meanness carried over into Jessa's adult relationships with her siblings?

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2. Jill totally stole Jessa's wedding thunder

Jill had barely slipped on her own wedding ring when she announced she was pregnant with her first child — smack in the middle of Jessa's courtship with Ben Seewald. All of a sudden, Duggar Google Alerts were all about the next Duggar baby, instead of the next Duggar wedding.

3. Those Jessa Duggar wedding sex rumors

A Christian blogger, who claims to have attended Jessa's wedding, said she witnessed Jinger walking in on Jessa and Ben gettin' it on in a side room of the church. Gross. Perhaps Jill thinks so, too.

4. Jill is tired of seeing Jessa and Ben making out all the time

They kept their first kiss private — they didn't even smooch at the altar — but now, Jessa and Ben are posting photos of themselves making out on Instagram. No one wants to see that, least of all your family.

Not to be outdone, Jill's husband Derick posted a kiss pic of their own to show her sister she's not the only one with a passionate marriage.

5. They have too much time on their hands

Before the girls were married, they spent most of their time taking care of the younger Duggars while mom, Michelle, was on the public speaking circuit. Now that they are spared the responsibility of little ones — at least, until Jill's baby comes along — that leaves an awful lot of time to ponder things they only gave a passing thought to before. Namely, who has better hair? We think it's a draw, but Jill and Jessa probably ask the mirror who has the fairest tresses all day long.