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Madam Secretary stars dating: 8 Reasons it could improve the show

Madam Secretary‘s Téa Leoni and Tim Daly are reportedly dating in real life and it’s bound to make the show even better.

Sometimes fantasy becomes reality, such as when two people playing husband and wife strike up a real-life romance of their own. Now that publications like People are reporting that Leoni and Daly are officially a couple, I couldn’t help but think about what kind of ramifications this would have for the show.

Though it’s being reported that the two have been dating a while, I’m willing to bet that getting their secret out in the open will change things on Madam Secretary — probably for the better.

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1. Their closeness will communicate on-screen

It’s a wonder that no one reported on Leoni and Daly’s romance before this, because it’s hard to hide it when you’ve got chemistry with someone. Now that I know they’re an item in real life, I’m sure I’ll be spotting that closeness on-screen as well.

Madam Secretary

Image: Giovanni Rufino/CBS

2. They won’t mind spending long days together

Making a TV show is hard and it requires long hours together for days on end. If everyone doesn’t get along, it could lead to drama offscreen and perhaps even the loss of a character on-screen (if things got so bad that someone wanted to quit the show). So I’m hoping these two lovebirds will want to be on set together forever.

3. Some couple moments might end up on the show

I’ve heard it from both actors and writers that characters will sometimes develop based on the actor playing them. A funny quirk or habit that belongs to the actor may show up in the character they play. How adorable would it be if some cute couple stuff from Leoni and Daly ends up on the show?

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4. They don’t have to hide anymore

I’m sure keeping this secret for as long as they did was hard on both of them and being able to just be themselves is bound to be a relief. Now that they can relax a little, I’m sure we’ll see it reflected in their performances on the show.

Madam Secretary

Image: Barbara Nitke/CBS

5. They’ll be able to support each other on set

In a series like Madam Secretary, there are going to be emotional and dramatic moments that are hard to play without it having an effect on you. Having emotional support from the one you love would probably help a lot, especially if they work with you, too.

6. The sex scenes will get hotter

I know this series isn’t exactly known for hot sex scenes. It’s not Scandal, after all. Still, how can the love scenes between Elizabeth and Henry not get steamier when the people playing them are in a real romance?

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7. The dramatic scenes will have more depth

Actors need to delve deep into their souls to get to some of those dramatic moments we see played out on-screen. Having two people who are that close offscreen will probably make those scenes even more satisfying to watch.

Madam Secretary

Image: Patrick Harbron/CBS

8. They’re just so darn cute together

This one was just too obvious not to mention. Not only are Henry and Elizabeth a great couple on the series, Daly and Leoni are equally adorable offscreen.

What do you think of Madam Secretary‘s costars dating in real life?

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