Misty Upham's cause of death: 3 Big questions still left unanswered

Dec 4, 2014 at 1:23 p.m. ET
Image: Apega/WENN.com

Misty Upham's cause of death has left even more questions as to what really happened to the ill-fated actress after suffering a tragic and fatal fall.

A Seattle-area medical examiner claims that Upham died of blunt-force injuries to her head and torso. While the matter of her death is still a mystery, police believe it was due to her falling off a 150-foot embankment, which is where her body was found. However, the way in which she fell is what is causing more questions to be raised on what really happened.

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We can think of at least three big questions that are left unanswered at this time, which add to the mystery of what really happened to Upham prior to her untimely death.

Our first question is: Was it suicide? When Upham first disappeared, friends and family were concerned because she had some mental health issues and the medication she was taking caused her to suffer panic attacks and left her depressed, People magazine claimed. But, Upham's father said he didn't think his daughter committed suicide. "I feel that she has been hurt by accident or someone has put her in harm's way."

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This leads us to the second question: Was someone after her for being vocal about harsh treatment on Native American reservations? Upham had allegedly told fellow actress Juliette Lewis that she was afraid for her life due to being outspoken about violence she experienced on NA reservations.

"Misty told me about horrible violence she suffered on NA reservations," Lewis said in a tweet after the August: Osage County star was found dead. "She felt she could be murdered! Bcuz she was vocal #ThisIsNOTaSUICIDE."

Lewis' shocking comments obviously bring up our last question: Was she murdered? If Upham did not commit suicide and she was lost in the woods prior to falling to her death, did someone facilitate her fall down the embankment? If Lewis is telling the truth, that's very well what could have taken place.

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Paired with the family's claims that the local police did little or nothing to find Upham after she went missing, Lewis' comments about Upham's fears could give some hints at foul play. Upham had actually also revealed that she feared the local police, Us Weekly reported.

However, local authorities assure that they never mistreated Upham, and will do everything in their power to search for answers as to what really happened and try to solve the mystery behind the late actress's passing.