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2014’s Top 25 songs make an amazing mash-up (VIDEO)

2014 was a great year for pop songs.

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If you need proof, look no further than DJ Earworm, who has brought us 25 of 2014’s biggest jams in star-studded mash-up form. And this year’s is just as awesome as 2013’s, 2012’s and 2011’s.

DJ Earworm, whose YouTube channel is full of mashed-up versions of popular songs, starts off the 2014 “United State of Pop” video with Adam Levine singing his band Maroon 5’s “Animals,” set to the beat of Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora’s hit collaboration, “Black Widow.” Then, it transitions into Taylor Swift’s mega-hit, “Shake It Off,” combined flawlessly with Jason Derulo’s, “Talk Dirty.”

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A Great Big World, John Legend, One Direction, Meghan Trainor and Jeremih all make appearances in the mashed-up sounds of songs like “Fancy,” “Bang Bang,” “Dark Horse” and “Problem.” And it wouldn’t be complete without the surprise hit of the year, “Let It Go” from Frozen, getting a little play.

As if the musical mash-up wasn’t cool enough on its own, DJ Earworm has flawlessly merged clips from all of the artists’ big videos from the past year. They’re synched up perfectly with the music and each other. Go ahead — try to watch without being impressed.

The only bad news? Beyoncé missed out on being included when she dropped her surprise album, comprised of a lot of the hits we were loving in 2014, two weeks before the year officially began. From here on out, let these mash-up videos be incentive for our favorite stars to drop new music every year so they can get in on this.

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Are there any songs DJ Earworm missed that should have been part of 2014’s “United State of Pop”? Tell us in the comments.

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