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Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’: 12 Details we totally didn’t see the first time

K-pop sensation, Psy, is back in the news today for accomplishing a feat Kim Kardashian could not.

He broke the internet.

Well, he broke YouTube. And, let’s be honest, if you can break YouTube, you can break the internet.

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His “Gangnam Style” music video, which owned 2012, reached too many views and crashed the YouTube counter. Apparently, YouTube videos can only handle 2.147 billion views.

So, of course, it inspired us to watch the video again. And we noticed some hilarious details the second time around.

1. The banner at the beginning of the video reads, “Gangnam Style,” complete with a cartoon image of Psy.

2. The little kid at the beginning of the video is a seriously amazing dancer and is probably only about 6 years old.

3. The horses in the video seem to bob their heads to the beat.

4. Psy pulls a Miley Cyrus and flicks his tongue a lot throughout the video. You can especially see it during the beginning close-up.

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5. This may be TMI… but in the scene where Psy is on the toilet, it appears that only his pants are around his ankles, which means he’s still wearing his underwear. Or the singer doesn’t wear any at all.

6. There are so many different colored/awesome shoes that definitely make the crazy outfits.

7. The guy in the elevator, awkwardly dancing over Psy, is wearing a necklace of the singer.

8. There appears to only be one blond in the crowd of dancers around the 2:50 mark. And it’s a dude.

9. There’s a nun in the green light beam scene.

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10. Psy’s outfits, despite their boldness, are actually pretty classy. He even makes a life vest look good. (See it around the 1:30 mark.)

11. The people throughout the video are all different shapes, sizes and ages. Yet, they all can, and do, break it down like pros.

12. We never see Psy without his glasses; even when he’s in the pool, he’s wearing tinted goggles.

What did you notice in the video that you didn’t see the first time around?

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