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13 Things Jimmy Fallon might do to purposely embarrass his kids (GIFS)

Jimmy Fallon is a dad again!

The super-funny Tonight Show host and his wife, Nancy, welcomed daughter, Frances Cole Fallon, Wednesday morning, according to People magazine. Frances Cole is little sister to Winnie Rose, who is 16 months old.

While having Fallon as a doting dad would undoubtedly be a blast, we can’t help but think that there are some things that he’s done, and will purposely do, to seriously embarrass his future teenage daughters.

Here’s a look at some of Fallon’s best characters and moments that have potential to totally turn Frances and Winnie red in the face once they hit their awkward years.

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1. The time he let Jason Statham hose him down

Doesn’t everybody want to see their dad in a wet T-shirt contest?

2. The time he wore a creepy elephant mask with Kristen Stewart

Wouldn’t you love to see footage of your father wearing a blue, phallic mask in front of tons of people on TV?

3. Sara

Can’t you see Fallon in his signature blond wig picking Winnie and Frances up from junior high while wearing a tube top? Don’t forget the Valley girl voice: “Ew!”

4. Any time he did his happy dance

Might as well be the Charleston.

5. The time he sang and played a ditty with Stephen Colbert

Most tweens don’t appreciate a stellar voice.

6. “The History of Rap”

There are cool bonus points for being in a total bromance with Justin Timberlake, but will JT even be cool in 14 years? Who knows what those crazy kids will be into by then.

7.-11. Speaking of “Uncle” Justin

12. The “Tight Pants” skits

Because the only thing more embarrassing than your dad dancing, singing or rapping is your dad shimmying around in uber-tight, white pants.

13. His Justin Bieber impersonation

Need we say more?


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