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Lindy Booth gives us one more reason to watch The Librarians

We love to see familiar faces on the ol’ tube, so we are incredibly excited to see a Canadian actress on a mythologically impressive new show.

Truth be told, there are plenty of reasons for being excited about the new TNT series The Librarians, but Canadian Lindy Booth’s addition to the already impressive cast is one of the most prominent. It’s just a fact, people!

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The show is a 10-episode version of the original franchise The Librarian and stars newcomers to the magical world of artefacts: Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, John Kim, John Larroquette and Booth. The original cast of the franchise will make appearances in several episodes of the series as well.

The Oakville-born Booth joined the show as a brand new character Cassandra, a recruit to The Library, which protects historic and mythological artefacts, with acute synesthesia — a phenomenon linking one stimulated sensory pathway to another (like seeing numbers as innately coloured). Of course, our curiosity is quite tickled by a complex character like that with such a little-known condition, which is why we’re so excited to see Booth in action.

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The actress recently spoke to Postmedia News about capturing her character and understanding synesthesia, stating: “I had never heard of synesthesia before, but I started researching it. There’s a lot of amazing research online and I also spoke to a couple of people who had synesthesia. One thing that really stuck with me was the idea of her visions and senses being so overwhelming to her that it was kind of like walking into a fun house: too loud, too bright, too many colours, too many smells, too many people. It’s totally disorienting.”

The premise of The Librarians is riveting and it’s fantastic to see a Canadian actress on such a promising show. The fact that Booth’s character is so interesting and challenging makes us want to tune in even more. As if we weren’t excited enough! The show premieres on Dec. 7 on TNT and Space.

Video credit: TNT/YouTube

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