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Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams make Obama’s immigration law sexual (VIDEO)

Look out, Justin Timberlake — Brian Williams is coming to dethrone you as Jimmy Fallon’s numero uno.

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While JT has had a long-running bromance with Fallon and the two have dazzled us time and again with The History of Rap parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Williams is hot on Timberlake’s heels with his editions of Fallon’s Slow Jam the News segments.

Williams and Fallon have slow-jammed their way through hot-button, hard news issues such as the debt ceiling and Obama’s tax plan. This week they took on the topic of the president’s immigration reform.

We never thought that politics could be so dang sexy. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the slow, silky smooth timber of Fallon’s voice as he gives his take on Obama’s enactment of his immigration policy. “Oooh, yeah,” the Tonight Show host croons. “President Obama’s taken a hard stance on immigration. He wants to let everyone inside. You gotta do it the right way. You can’t go in through the back door.”

“Hello, I’m Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News and, ladies and gentlemen, I, too, wish to slow-jam this news,” Williams announces before launching into his deadpan reading of the facts involving the new policies.

The highlight of the bit is when Williams breaks from his serious newscaster demeanor and starts to rap. “My pres Obama don’t, my pres Obama don’t,” raps Fallon as Williams chimes in without missing a beat, “My pres Obama don’t want none until you pass bills, hon.”

Just as Fallon begins to crack, Williams remains stone cold and gives his best Washington Crossing the Delaware.

The bit isn’t complete without the pair throwing a bit of shade at each other and also plugging the upcoming live TV production of Peter Pan Live!, starring Williams’ daughter, Allison Williams.

Check out the hilarity below.

Video credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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