Mariah Carey kept fans waiting for three hours at tree-lighting ceremony

Mariah Carey’s marriage drama continues as she blew off a live-taped performance because she was too overwhelmed with divorce talk to get to the NBC tree lighting-event on time.

The high-maintenance singer showed up hours late to tape her segment for the live show on Tuesday evening and was met with very angry network honchos. NBC producers were so peeved they actually told Carey to leave and forget about singing, TMZ claimed.

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Fans gathered at the Rockefeller Center waited for hours in rainy, cold weather to see Carey, but she never appeared. Apparently, the pop singer was at her hotel on the East Side talking to a lawyer about her divorce on the phone, discussing property settlements.

According to sources, Carey was still babbling with her attorney on her cell phone as she pulled up to Rockefeller about three hours after she was expected to show. People nearby could reportedly hear Carey going on about her divorce issues as she got out of the limo.

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When she and her people were told to leave, Carey tried to convince producers to let her sing as she really wanted to perform, but producers were done with her. The crew was equally pissed and they all wanted the perpetually drama-filled diva to just go home.

Meanwhile, Carey was very upset about the whole ordeal because she didn’t want to have her fans mad at her and to disappoint NBC.

The Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting show is a live event, but due to Carey’s chronic lateness, they asked her to pre-tape her segment for the televised program. But, the notorious singer managed to show up too late for that as well.

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However, since the show is presented live on Wednesday night, sources told the New York Daily News that NBC producers will let Carey sing at the live taping since they have no other alternative. The network has already advertised Carey’s performance as part of the show and they were left scrambling for what to do if the “Hero” singer didn’t do her segment.

Let’s hope she’s capable of showing up on time for the live event.


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