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Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones just gave us new holiday classics (VIDEO)

We love it when we can enjoy some new songs in time for the holidays. Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones just gifted us with some amazing parodies for the upcoming festivities.

Now these are new holiday classics we can get behind… Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones joined their vocal forces on The Tonight Show to remake this year’s biggest pop hits into holiday tunes. Oh, it’s as good as you think!

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Jones was looking all kinds of adorable (and has some killer pipes!), and Fallon was looking all Jimmy-esque as they belted out parodies of Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Lil Jon and others. The dance moves were a pleasant bonus, we must say! Check it out:

Video credit: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

We do enjoy the inclusiveness of this performance. The duo covered Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas — all the classics! It was also a lovely reminder that secret Santa don’t want none unless you got gifts, hun. And isn’t that what the holidays are truly about? Being a little selfish and getting presents? Yes.

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We’ll be keeping that Sam Smith parody “Drink with Me” in our minds when the holidays roll in again and our families pile into our houses… What did you think of the performance?

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