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Canadians come together to make fun of the government’s new Twitter account

That’s what we’re talking aboot! Canada finally joins Twitter and even shows off a sense humour. You’re now legally bound to follow this account, you know…

Video credit: The Weather Network

Nothing gets us into a patriotic mood quite like a video of a flapping Canadian flag… Who’s with us?

The Canadian government has launched an attempt to integrate itself into our personal lives and appear more modern by joining Twitter. Yes, Canada has its own Twitter account now and even uses hashtags. It’s as scarring as it sounds, you guys.

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The new @Canada Twitter handle was announced by foreign affairs minister John Baird during a foreign affairs, trade and development event on Wednesday, stating that social media has become vital in diplomacy and will be used to promote the country internationally. We’re having some doubts about the actual international benefits of Canada tweeting, but we’ll trust Baird on this one.

“Our diplomats are increasingly using social media to promote Canadian values and interests abroad,” the minister stated. “We have expanded our digital presence enormously over the last year and are always looking for ideas on how to develop it further.”

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The reaction on Twitter to the government’s new account was obviously less than welcoming. In true Canadian manner, many were quick to crack jokes about the account, but in a nice way (obviously). This is why this country is so amazing: We’re allowed to poke fun at our own government all day long, and we exercise that right at every turn. Just take a look:

Will you be following Canada on Twitter? What do you think of the government joining the social media sphere?

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