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Celebrities tweet gratitude on American Thanksgiving

While it might be just a regular freezing Thursday to us, our American neighbours are celebrating Thanksgiving today. And what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t join them in these festivities?

While it’s been a while since we put on our stretchy pants and stuffed our little faces with turkey soaked in cranberry sauce, this joyous occasion of unstoppable eating is dawning upon our American brethren only today. We can’t help but be happy on their behalf.

5 Ways to put a modern spin on your Thanksgiving dinner

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and gratitude, let us bask in the glory of all the celebrities (south of the border) feasting on pumpkin pies on this glorious holiday by snooping through their tweets. Sounds wholesome, no? Yes.

Tips for throwing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner

Doesn’t this just warm your heart? We wish it was October again, and not just because it was much warmer, although that is a major motivator. Happy Thanksgiving, American friends! May your turkey never be dry and your pies never run out. Huzzah!

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