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How to be amazing on Twitter, according to Anna Kendrick

If you’re a little rusty on Twitter and need some advice, then Anna Kendrick has your back. The actress has offered some tips for keeping an amazing Twitter account.

Who is better equipped for giving Twitter etiquette advice than Anna Kendrick? No one, people. No. One. The Into the Woods actress is quite famous for speaking her mind on the microblogging website and decided to bestow a few tips for fantastic tweets in an interview with E! News.

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Since we’re always open to improving our tweeting skills (despite being perfect), we’ve extracted the most important and vital steps from Kendrick’s interview to becoming Twitter masters. Study up, everybody!

1. Don’t drunk-tweet

As Kendrick outlined, you must never tweet drunk. Unless you’re amazing and no one can tell. The actress told E! News: “Although I have done a handful of drunk tweets and so far people have not been able to tell the difference, although I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing that my sober tweets could be drunk tweets.”

2. Drunk-draft your tweets, and double-check them

You must always tweet responsibly. So, if you’re possessed to type out a missive whilst inebriated, at least draft it and double-check it in the morrow. As Kendrick revealed, “I drunk-draft and double-check them in the morning.”

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3. Tweet gross, honest, brutal things

Nobody wants clean jokes or tweets about your breakfast. The people of Twitter want raw tweets filled with life experience… Or something like that. As Kendrick points out: “Sometimes, I just say something kind of gross, kind of honest, maybe a little too brutal. Those are the ones people respond to more.”

Boom! Now you are fully equipped to attack Twitter with your brilliant wit and humour. Best of luck to you all!

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