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Robert Pattinson debuts a very confusing haircut

We’re not sure what’s going on here, but Robert Pattinson got a new haircut. It’s a New Age mixture of a bowl cut with a random tuft of hair at the nape. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
The expression you’re looking for is, what the eff is going on there? Robert Pattinson officially debuted a brand new do at the GO Campaign’s 7th Annual GO GO Gala in Beverly Hills on Thursday, and it’s definitely interesting…

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He kind of looks like a third-grader circa 1997. Or Friar Tuck. Or Professor Flitwick from Harry Potter. Or Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. Or Cousin Itt after a hair trim. It’s like a reverse mullet. Or like a goatee for the back of his head. Did we miss anything?
It’s not that the haircut looks bad; it’s edgy, and Pattinson looks very handsome. We’re mostly puzzled by the random patch of hair at his nape — what’s that little guy doing there? No word on whether the new do is for a movie role or for self-expression, but rumour has it the actor’s girlfriend, FKA Twigs, may have influenced him to experiment.

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Pattinson technically debuted the haircut earlier this week during an outing with Twigs, but he was wearing a hat, so it obviously doesn’t count. So, be honest: What do you think? Should this be a thing, or should we bury this potential trend as deeply as possible?

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