Lorde fans are now gathering funds to get Diplo a penis

After Diplo took a jab at Taylor Swift and Lorde intervened, the online community is coming together to raise money to get the DJ his very own penis (according to them, he doesn’t have one!).

Wow! The internet is truly a giving place. Diplo — American DJ and music producer — threw some serious shade at Taylor Swift by tweeting about launching a campaign to get the “Shake It Off” singer “a booty,” which prompted Lorde to step in and urge the world to help Diplo with his “tiny penis”… Well, ask, and you shall receive. Now there are a bunch of campaigns aiming to get Diplo a penis or a brain — true story.

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Since Diplo’s initial tweets contained a link to an actual Fundly campaign to raise money to get Swift a posterior (which so far has raised only $85 of its $3,500 goal), some folks took to the website to launch their own campaigns. So, if you would like to put your money to an honourable use, then here are some of your options:

1. Get Diplo a Penis

According to the person who created this campaign, Diplo does not even have a penis, let alone a tiny one. The mission statement goes as follows: “Get Thomas Wesley Pentz a penis! He needs it for his failing music career! And so he can keep getting people pregnant whilst dating has-been pop stars!”

2. Get Diplo a Brain

Forget about his penis; just get him a brain. This campaign is looking to raise $30, because apparently that’s how much brains go for on the market right now. Rough times.

3. Get Diplo and Katy Perry a Brain

If you’re looking for a two-for-one deal, then this is your hot ticket. Someone named Garry decided to take a stab at Diplo’s girlfriend, Katy Perry, as well. Many claim the music producer’s Twitter jab spawned from a feud between Perry and Swift. Either way, the campaign is looking for $100. So think about it.

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We really hope this is only the beginning, because these campaigns are hilarious. What we admire is that Lorde stood up for Swift and that these two have an army of loyal fans supporting them. Diplo doesn’t stand a chance…

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