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No one will ever beat Prince’s first selfie

This is unexpected. Prince has just taken his first selfie, and it was with a real camera! The iconic singer posted it on Facebook, and now we’re going bananas over it.

Holy mother of all that is good in this world! We never thought we’d get to use this statement in our lifetime, but… Prince just took his first selfie. Wait. Wait! That’s not even the best part. He took his first selfie using an actual camera — a fancy DSLR one at that, but whatever. Still old-school.

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It turns out Prince doesn’t even own a cellphone. Yeah, we gasped too. How does he Instagram his meals or know the time? Wait, does he talk to people in person or using a landline? That is so medieval. We actually adore Prince just a little bit more for being so amazing and resisting the trend of owning a cellphone. Here’s what his publicist had to say on the matter:

“Prince used an old-school camera because he doesn’t own a cellphone. He jokingly says, ‘We ban their usage anywhere around Us because We’re allergic 2 lithium and ‘Everybodyelsies.'”

OK, we’re not going to go as far as calling a professional-level digital camera “old-school,” but the approach certainly is. This cannot be outdone. Prince is such an iconic musician, part of an older generation that has, for the most part, adapted to new technology. Prince’s selfie is so wonderful because it was taken the way he wanted it to be taken and the way he is used to — with a real camera. We know it’s just a silly photo, but it reflects Prince’s perpetual resistance to conform. He’s a unique fella.

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His contemporaries, like Madonna, have all already taken selfies like any other celebrity and participate in all social media platforms. Prince is just on Facebook and doesn’t even own a cellphone. We like that. What do you think?

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