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How to kill a death rumour — Macaulay Culkin style

Macaulay Culkin is not one to ignore a death rumour. He’s also not one to deny it. The actor pretends to be dead in an Instagram photo in response to a death hoax.

There are only two ways of dealing with a death hoax: You can either go blue in the face denying it, or just go along with it. Macaulay Culkin — being a hilarious human being — chose the latter, of course.

“Macaulay Culkin is not on heroin!” rep says

The internet seems to have spawned a rumour that Culkin kicked the bucket and was tragically consumed by a reckless celebrity lifestyle. The gossipy news of the Home Alone actor’s untimely demise even reached Culkin’s own ears, and he responded by posting a photo of himself on Instagram, pretending to be dead — thereby proving that he is, indeed, alive.

This must be the best response to a death rumour, which plagues all celebrities at some point in their career. Why fight it? The internet hungers for a Macaulay Culkin death, and the actor gave it to them with his usual pinch of humour. The Weekend at Bernie’s reference was a very nice touch.

Let’s take the Macaulay Culkin meta photo to the next level

Can this become a thing? Next time another celebrity is in the centre of a death hoax, we want to see him or her hitting their social media accounts, pretending to be ghosts, zombies, vampires, angels, phoenixes rising from the ashes… Whatever they fancy! Wouldn’t it just make life a little more amazing?

Thank you, Mr. Culkin. We sincerely hope you have started a trend here. And we’re very glad you’re not dead, sir. Well done!

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