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Prince may be having a secret show in Toronto today

Big news, everybody! Prince may be putting up a secret show at Massey Hall in Toronto today and tickets are allegedly being sold for only $10.

How dare he? Prince is allegedly having a secret show in Toronto today and we were not even notified. This is outrageous. This is a sham. A disaster. A catastrophe. It just isn’t right.

Fans have been quietly lining up outside Massey Hall on Tuesday morning, once rumours hit the fan about a possible concert put up by Prince and his collaborators, 3rdeyegirl. The rumours themselves spawned from a cryptic tweet posted by 3rdeyegirl (which has since been deleted), stating: “4th day of November, we need a purple high: OTNOROT CALLING… “

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That is obviously a sign from the music gods, you guys! Many have hit Twitter to spread the news and tickets are reportedly being sold for only $10! What we’re saying is, if you have a chance to reach Massey Hall — do it. And do it now. Quit your job. Land the plane. Prince is worth it.

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This is pretty much a done deal. Prince is known for putting up secret shows and his mic set was spotted at Massey Hall. Get in there and grab some tickets! Try not to swoon too much though.

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