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Kristen Stewart has an Instagram account and we must find it

Kristen Stewart revealed she has an Instagram account, so now, obviously, we want to find it and would like you to join our search. Please and thank you!

You guys, Kristen Stewart has an Instagram account, and nobody — but the chosen ones — knows what it is. Alert the village elders! Assemble a search party!

The Twilight actress revealed the juicy information to USA Today, stating: “I have a private Instagram so I can keep in touch with my friends because I’m always away.”

The actress added, “That’s not social media. We have a shared photo stream.”

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Stewart clarified she still does not have a Facebook or a Twitter account, but the Instagram thing is real. Does everyone understand the magnitude of this information? Somewhere out there, Stewart is posting selfies, pictures of her super-cool meals and shots from her travels… We want to be a part of this journey, which is why we are recruiting the rest of the world in this epic search. We just need one insider to ninja his or her way into this private account and share the good stuff.

We don’t mean to spread all the private photos around and ruin her day, but if Stewart happened to post an amazing photo of a meal or document her climb to the top of some mountain, then we would love for that to be made public so we could bask in her glory. Kristen is just so inaccessible to her fans; perhaps she should have a public social media account of some sort.

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OK, now back to business. Her username would be something untraceable and would have nothing to do with her body of work. It would be easier to just find her under the pseudonym she chose to use. It would probably be humorous, so think along the lines of “Dumbledore’s Bottom” or “Julius Caesar.” Now that you have been prepped, go off and find her, our little minions!

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