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3 Surprising things about T-Pain singing without Auto-Tune

Never ever did we think we would live to see the day when T-Pain sings without his beloved Auto-Tune, but it happened! It was epic, and it was beautiful.

Well, this is wholly unexpected. We never thought we’d say this, but singer-rapper T-Pain sounds fantastic without Auto-Tune. No, seriously. He could give The Weeknd a run for his money.

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In an adorable little video snippet organized for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts series, T-Pain — rocking cute glasses — performs a selection of his famous hits, like “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’),” without any aid of technology. It sounds a lot more soulful this way, you guys! Check it out:

Video credit: NPR Music / YouTube

Wasn’t that wonderful? To be honest, a couple of things really surprised us about this segment, and we’re not just talking about T-Pain’s surprisingly refreshing fashion sense…

1. T-Pain is precious

OK, T-Pain doesn’t exactly come off as a guy you’d call “adorable,” but he totally is! At the beginning of the video, as he introduces himself, we swear his eyes twinkled. He just looked so giddy! Who knew T-Pain was so precious? We just want to feed him cookies and homemade jam while wearing princess dresses…

2. He has an amazing voice

This is the man who actually popularized the use of Auto-Tune. Yet here he is belting out his iconic tunes without it, and he sounds magical! T-Pain, sir, you are full of surprises.

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3. He should release an acoustic record

We don’t care if it’s not “cool” or “badass” — T-Pain is now officially obligated to release an acoustic record. Just him and a pianist. He can sing the dirtiest songs for all we care, as long as there is no Auto-Tune and he exercises those pipes. Deal?

What do you think of T-Pain’s performance? Can we start a campaign for that acoustic record?

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