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Remember when Amanda Bynes was awesome?

The legal matter unfolding in Amanda Bynes’ life is getting more and more serious, but let’s focus on the actress’s phenomenal potential instead. Yes?

Oh, everything in Amanda Bynes‘ world seems to be going down the pooper right now, and we are just spiralling with her. Darn it, we are still rooting for this girl and love her so!

The actress’s mother, Lynn Bynes, has been yet again granted temporary conservatorship over her daughter after the latter’s recent run-ins with the law and erratic behaviour. We’ve been down this road before, haven’t we?

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The news comes during Bynes’ current involuntary commitment to a treatment facility outside Los Angeles, which has been extended an additional 30 days. Earlier this month, the actress took to Twitter to accuse her father of sexual abuse — a comment she later retracted, stating, “The microchip in my brain made me say those things.”

Needless to say, things are a little uneasy in the Bynes household right now. We would just like to remind everyone the actress wasn’t always like this but — for a while — was the funniest young star in the business. So let’s remember her for that, OK?

1. When she was adorable on The Amanda Show

Amanda Bynes

2. Hilarious in She’s the Man

Amanda Bynes

Things we learned about Amanda Bynes’ mental health

3. Quirky in Hairspray

Amanda Bynes

4. A bit of a bee in Easy A

Amanda Bynes

Those were the good times. Bynes is still young and can recover, although nobody is quite sure what is actually going on. We hope to see her cheerful and funny as heck again someday. Someday…

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