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Kim Kardashian: Queen of the cameo

Kim Kardashian isn’t content with being the queen of reality television, it seems. She’s on a mission to appear on all the TV shows.

Kim Kardashian's latest television cameo appearance is in 2 Broke Girls

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Think all Kim Kardashian does is shop and take selfies? She’s actually a budding actress. Well, sort of. She appeared in the new season of 2 Broke Girls last night, for all of 45 seconds. But screen time is screen time, right? And this is a woman who’s certainly used to being in front of the cameras. Not only does she have a starring role in the never-ending reality tv show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but she has notched up quite a few performances in other shows.

Kim Kardashian broke the news of her 2 Broke Girls cameo on Twitter back in August

Video credit: enews / YouTube

How I Met Your Mother

Back in 2009, Kim appeared in an episode of How I Met Your Mother, alongside two other reality TV stars, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. OK, so she was on the cover of a magazine, but that still counts.

Video credit: Associated Press / YouTube

Kim Kardashian was named Woman of the Year by British GQ magazine


In 2010, Kim’s cameo was in 90210. Her sister Khloé also appeared, and the two of them gave Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord) priceless fashion advice, including how to make her “ass look like a ripe little melon.”

Video credit: LALALOHAI / YouTube

30 Rock Live

Kim appeared in a 2012 live episode of 30 Rock Live, initially as a passerby who needed to use the restroom in Jack Donaghy’s office. She popped up again later on to take a selfie and remind the audience just how popular she is on social media. “That’s the beauty of live TV — anything can happen!” exclaimed Tina Fey. Quite.

Video credit: POPSUGAR Entertainment / YouTube

Last Man Standing

“I play myself, so if I do bad at this, I have some issues,” said Kim Kardashian of her 2013 Last Man Standing cameo. In the show, she has an “interesting encounter” with a psychotic fan. Probably nothing new, then.

Video credit: Rand Viginia / YouTube

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