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The world should celebrate Britney Spears Day with us

Las Vegas hath declared Nov. 5 as Britney Day, celebrating the amazing Britney Spears. Since we don’t live there, we shall be organizing our very own festivities. Join us?

While some of us never stop celebrating Britney Spears and the wonderful joy she brings to our lives, this year Las Vegas will be celebrating the pop singer for realsies with an official Britney Day on Nov. 5. Why don’t we have an official Bit-Bit day?

Caesars Entertainment made the amazing announcement on Thursday, stating that Spears will even receive a key to the Las Vegas strip. How neat is that? But that’s not all; the first 100 people named “Britney” (who can prove it) will be given two tickets to Spears’ Piece of Me concert at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Boy, is it ever depressing to not be born a Britney… Blast it!

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If you are, on the other hand, blessed with the name of “Britney” and planning to be in Las Vegas on Nov. 5, you can line up outside the Wheel House Charter Group entrance at The LINQ starting at 6 a.m. to try to wrestle out some concert tickets. Lucky turds.

For the rest of us (losers), we can organize our very own Britney Day. We don’t need Vegas to have fun, right? This will be our itinerary for our Britney festivities.

1. Roll out of bed in glitter

Britney Spears

2. Make breakfast in lingerie

Britney Spears Britney SPears

3. Do a little dance

Britney Spears

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4. Put on a blond wig

Britney Spears

5. Sing Britney’s entire discography

Britney Spears

What will you be doing on Britney Day?

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