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1 Reason to watch Laggies this weekend? Keira Knightley, duh

Keira Knightley really is the cutest human being in the universe. The actress joined her Laggies co-star, Sam Rockwell, in a hilarious featurette to promote their new film.

Oh, we just can’t! Every time we see Keira Knightley, we just want to catch her, put her into our pocket and feed her tiny little cookies. Maybe run through a field of daisies, holding hands and blowing bubbles — you know, regular bestie stuff.

Check out Keira Knightley singing “Lost Stars”

In promotion of her newest rom-com, Laggies, Knightley and co-star Sam Rockwell adorably sat down to play the 20 Questions game, and it’s the cutest thing! The duo shot questions back and forth about their adolescent years and growing up… It’s all very sweet. And bonus: It was filmed in Toronto.

Video credit: MOVIES Coming Soon / YouTube

We just want to giggle into a pillow after watching that. So stinkin’ adorable! As you can tell from the theme of those questions, Laggies is all about becoming an adult and what it really means. The film follows Megan (Knightley), who realizes she hasn’t changed much since high school, and when her boyfriend proposes, she decides to hide out for a week at 16-year-old Annika’s (Chloë Grace Moretz) house, whom she accidentally runs into. Rockwell obviously plays Annika’s super-hot single dad, Craig. You can tell this is a perfect romantic comedy to catch with your girlfriends this weekend.

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Video credit: A24Films / YouTube

What we’re really excited about is the chemistry between Knightley and Rockwell. Judging from the featurette and the trailer, these two are great together, which always adds a little somethin’-somethin’ to a comedy. So grab your friends or your boo, and head on over to watch Keira be the most precious person in the world when Laggies opens in theatres on Oct.24. Yes?

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