Proof Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect to play a dragon (VIDEO)

Oh, Benedict Cumberbatch, how we love you so! The actor shows off impressive acting skills in behind-the-scenes footage of bringing Smaug in The Hobbit to life.

OK, who around here thinks Benedict Cumberbatch is anything less than perfect? You have to leave, immediately, because that is a boldfaced lie.

Video: Benedict Cumberbatch accepts award sans pants!

The man just proves that all an actor needs to play a wicked dragon in a film is to be Benedict Cumberbatch. That’s not too much to ask, is it? In a new behind-the-scenes video snippet from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition Blu-ray (hitting the shelves on Nov. 3), we get to see what it took for Cumberbatch to deliver his amazing performance as the greedy beast. Whoever thought a dragon could sound so sexy? The statement alone is strange, but so true.

Video credit: JoBlo Movie Trailers/YouTube

Isn’t he wonderful? The actor’s real-life features and expressions were actually used for the creation of Smaug, which is really neat. The fans of The Hobbit are really going coconuts for this behind-the-scenes peek right now, praising Cumberbatch’s impressive performance (rightfully so!). It’s not easy to figure out how to bring a fantasy creature to life, especially one with Smaug’s personality. Here’s what some folks had to say about Cumber-awesome’s performance on YouTube.

Benedict Cumberbatch always recognized, needs disguise!

“How do you even prepare for a role like this?? Not a Cumberb*tch but this really shows you how much talent this guy has,” said a user named The Bread Boy.

“Benedict Cumberbatch is an acting beast,” stated the user J.L. Goff.

“Literally the greatest thing I have ever seen,” said user Kei H.

“Only he could make his voice sound like a bonfire and smoke without any audio tricks. Perfect for the role, as always. :),” said user Clare Forbes.

We couldn’t agree more! What do you think of Cumberbatch’s performance?

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